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Torn between what is important. Sep 25

I’ve been rather conflicted the last few days.  The US has gone crazy in my mind with it’s who healthcare thing.  There are some really stupid people trying to make a name for themselves in that area and I have so many issues with that.

Now thou I am watching a program on whale meat in Japan and find myself so wondering where do i spend my time here.

I really want the top first world country to find a health system that actually works really well for all the other first world countries (not that is perfect – another discussion). But it seems to me the people of American are dead set on the capitalism idea so much that they forget that what they fight against is actually something that will make each and every one of there lives better.

Every other first world country has a full health care system for its population.  With some small issues these systems work well for all the citizens of the nation.

To my own thoughts America seems dead set of capitalism at all costs with no regard for the people of the country. I’m am now at the point if the americans don’t pass into law a semi proper health care system, the they should at least shut up about those whose don’t have health care.  You bed, you lie in it


My other torn now is whaling.  I totally disagree with it.  Maybe as I have had the opportunity to spend time with there animals’  Spend just a few seconds looking into a dolphins eyes as I have done on the bow of our boat and it all changes.


How do i bring there two disparate threads of conversation together.  Simple find the real truth between what is said and done, the work out what is right.  If you feel as a conservative in the USA that its your right free speech and bear arms, i will agree.  But can is ask that if you use free speech you be responsible for an lies you knowingly tell.  If you bear arms, what are you proving, you can shoot people who disagree with you?


the dolphins well, they don’t really are about us and what we do to destroy ourselves.


i’m done!

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