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To American’s against Healthcare Sep 01

To all of you who may read this.  Let me give you a couple of facts upfront so you will understand where I am coming from.

I am not an American Citizen. I’m a New Zealander.  I come from one of those first world counties that has ‘socialized’ healthcare.  Are we a socialist country no.

Nor are the other two first world countries that have state run health care.  That would be the United Kingdom and Japan.  Both part of the G8 and highly advanced first world countries.  In all three countries I’ve had to use the healthcare system that is provided and have no complaints what so ever. 

For the sake of honesty I was treated for Cancer in Japan and are still under there care.  And other than a small contribution to my care which was high paid back given the extra cost cancer incurs they have given me the best and rapid medal care.

When you as the average hard working American look at this heath care debate can I ask you to do something please.  Think about what is the motivation behind the people telling you to oppose healthcare reform.

You may be a full red state republican, and I can well respect that.  Everyone is allowed to think and vote as they want.  That is one of the foundations of democracy world wide.  We also have the well earned right of free speech. 

However please don’t allow our wonderful right of free speech to say that everything everyone says is true.

With a little bit of research and listening to both sides of the story it should become apparent that those who are opposing healthcare are also the same people getting money from them. 

No one is asking anyone who is true Republican to become a Democrat on this issue.  What I would like to suggest thou is that if you are interested in healthcare you find out all the facts, then decide what you want.

As someone who was born in the free world and lives in the free world I personally see this reform as something you desperately need.  America is the only free world country that does not offer its citizens the basic right to health care that the rest of us know we are entitled to.

Maybe you can look at it the way we do.  Healthcare is a basic right we are entitled to as citizens of our free democratic counties.  Why not add it to your constitutional rights!  That would be a great addition and model to other countries.

Also if you don’t reform your healthcare are the insurance companies keep making billions of dollars off you, who is to blame?   There is only one person to blame for that, and its not Obama, its you as an individual for not investigating your real options.

And my last comment.  The death panels that Sarah, Betsy and co have invented to scare you with.  Well think about this.  They are suggesting a government run death panel, which is complete lies.  What they are not saying, is what happens when an insurance company says they are not going to cover you for medical bills.

America already has death panels.  They are called the board of directors for every medial insurance company in America.  They currently decide who gets healthcare and those who don’t.

Hopefully its not a complex choice after that fact.


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