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Socialism and Healthcare Aug 11

Where the hell did American get the idea that state provided heath care was a form of socialism.

Have they not actually looked outside there borders and seen that all the other 1st and 2nd world countries bascially have state run healthcare.

And apparently according to the statistics we have better health care for all, costing less.  Umm does anyone else but me see an issue here?

I have so many things to say here coming from a ‘socialist’ provided health care system, lived in three other countries were as a law abiding tax payer i got that same service.

And if you doubt me I now live in Japan and have been treated for cancer under there health care system.

To any american who wonders.  My question.  Who benefits from your current health insurance system  You or the health insurance companies.

These are the same companies that can deny paying, delay paying or only part pay.  Now who is losing out here, you or me.  I pay the same amount of tax and receive outstanding health care (trust me a few round of chemo and you get to know whats going on), or you the american public who can’t leave jobs for lack of health insurance, or just don’t have it.

Also whats going on the health insurance opponent who is turning around and asking for donations to his health care as he lost his job.

Come on, prove to us that you really are not that stupid.

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