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Sarah Palin and the Truth Aug 11

Seem to be two very disconnected items.

I haven’t said much on the blog for a while, but having watched this women in action for the last week since she resigned as governor has really got me wondering.

During here swan song speech she made two things really obvious.

1.  Will the main stream media stop making things up.

2.  Leave her and the new governors family out of politics.


You know what almost fair enough.  But what does she do on her facebook account a few days later.  She makes a statement saying that the Obama administration wants to put her down syndromes child in front of a ‘death panel’.

Two things here Sarah.  Firstly you criticize the media that you hate so much, yet bring your child Tring into the argument.  Who is putting whose family into the media.  If you were so concerned about the media and your family why bring Trig into it.  Or was it a way of making a statement that would not be considered for its complete hierocracy.

Second Sarah, you made a statement about death panels which has been proved to a complete lie and yet you made a statement about it.  Okay you didn’t make it up yourself, but you certainly perpetrated the  made up story.


Just these two very simple items put together must make anyone wonder how honest are you really.  you say one thing when it suits you and the opposite when it suits you.


I will not use this blog to slam republican or conservative readers as that would immediately dismiss my arguments as just left wing crap.

I’m not actually an american so there a no direct affects to me on what happens, but i do object to just plain out stupid comments, and Sarah, the next time you want to make a political statement, how about ask all those people righting for you to check if you aren’t opposing your own position, or just saying something that is a total lie.

You asked for the media to stop making up stories.  How do you feel when they report on the stories that you have made up, or repeat knowing stories that are made up.

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