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Weekend in Singapore Jul 22

Just got back from a long weekend in Singapore.  Decided to go there awhile back to see an old great friend.  And since it was a long weekend why not.  Tonto went off to Doggy Day care hotel (and appears to have had just a good a holiday as me).

Weekend involved arriving and then what was supposed to be a day touring the city and ended up with me back at work!

Rest of the long weekend was brillant.  Dinner friday night at the Satay market, a total taste extreme.  Saturday golf at Batam island (in Indonesia), Sunday by the pool taking it easy, and Monday sightseeing, mainly Santosa island.

got in a foot reflexology involving fish from Turkey eating off all the dead skin, quick an experience!  Ended all up with a trip on the Singapore flyer which was a great view experience and final cool down in the pool.  Wow, being on holiday is so tiring!

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