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Archive for July, 2009

Weekend in Singapore Jul 22

Just got back from a long weekend in Singapore.  Decided to go there awhile back to see an old great friend.  And since it was a long weekend why not.  Tonto went off to Doggy Day care hotel (and appears to have had just a good a holiday as me).

Weekend involved arriving and then what was supposed to be a day touring the city and ended up with me back at work!

Rest of the long weekend was brillant.  Dinner friday night at the Satay market, a total taste extreme.  Saturday golf at Batam island (in Indonesia), Sunday by the pool taking it easy, and Monday sightseeing, mainly Santosa island.

got in a foot reflexology involving fish from Turkey eating off all the dead skin, quick an experience!  Ended all up with a trip on the Singapore flyer which was a great view experience and final cool down in the pool.  Wow, being on holiday is so tiring!

Tokyo Doggy Day Care Jul 02

Something I was looking for after having Tonto arrive was someplace that could take care of him when I was away. I looked around for to see what I could find and did find a couple of places that also had english websites.

One I found was called Dog Inc.  They are quite close to me down by the Tama River and also do pickup and drop offs.

As I knew in July i would be off to Singapore to catch up with an old friend I approached them in May to firstly book him in. Its a long weekend so I wanted to make sure we got a reservation.  I also wanted Tonto to be comfortable with them so he spent his first day there in May, also got a full bath session and trim. 

Well he came back really happy and wonderfully trimmed.  He went back a few weeks later and didn’t want to get out of the car as his friends were still in there.

He was off today again, and must have figured out that the phone ringing and 9:30, plus the short leash meant doggy day care was on up. He couldn’t wait to get out the door and after saying hello to Yamada-san just jumped straight into the car.

Tonto is back now with his updated summer fur cut and again just wanted to jump back into the car to keep playing with his friends.  Now he is a very worn out little dog fast asleep after a very busy day!

If you have a dog in Tokyo Japan and want to give them a break from staying at home I cannot recommend Dog Inc Japan enough.  He comes home so happy along with a little back of pics showing just how busy he has been. 

The place is run by the wonderful Yamada-san who is fully bi-lingual so there is no problem with language.  His last own personal dog also comes from ARK Japan.  (I will write more on them later), and when you met him you will just know there is a love of our K9 friends.

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