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footsteps is now tonto Jun 15

Its been a while in the works but is no longer mine.  I was asked a few months ago if I wanted to keep using

I replied back that I wasn’t that interested as footsteps had been with me for a very long time and also had quite some significance to me.

If you know the story of footsteps in the sand I the why sometimes there was only one set you will understand part of the story.  The reason I choose was for many reasons.  That story and also my own belief that we when we travel we take photo’s and leave only footsteps.

When asked by the Linmark team if i would consider it I set some very strong conditions, and I’m really happy to say they met them all.  They are not a huge corporation after the all essential profit to shareholders.  They are a wonderful team of people dedicated to the education of children and focused on under privileged children.

There would be no great profit for me selling the domain, and if you are interested it was sold for 1$, which I’ll collect one day when I am back.  What convinced me was seeing the site they had and were also registered as

I’ve loved having as my domain name as the name defined a lot of what i believe in.  Now thou it seems right to me giving it to a wonderful cause.

We reached a good agreement and my old email of will still work forever as that was a condition of the transfer.  They will also kindly provide a note on there website to help you all get back here.

Why  well it was just a name i thought was fun, and reflects a new interesting part of my life.

Footsteps has been very special to me and I will miss it, but I gave it away for a very good reason.  If my old domain name helps anyone parent in New Zealand find a way to help the education of there child through the services offered by the organisaiton now using my old domain, then i am very happy.


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