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New Summer Look May 18

On Friday Tonto went off to Doggy Day care on Friday and from all accounts had a great time.  He gets a full A on his report card for playing well with other dogs and he practically didn’t want to come home!!

I have some pictures the Dog Inc people took of him to show me how well he enjoyed himself.  It was a great success and he will be off again soon.  He also got a full shampoo and trim and is loving the coolness of it all.  He was finding it a little hot with all that fur before. 

We recently went for a long walk to Rinshinomori Park which is about 30 mins from the apartment, has lots of old tree’s, trails amongst them, and best of all doggy friendly.  There are a number of pics from the day here

Here is one on the handsome chap with his new hair.

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