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Tea Tree Scented Steamed Dog. May 26


1 Dog

1 Tea Tree Dog Shampoo
1 Tea Tree Dog Conditioner
1 Shower
1 Dog Towel
1 Large Fluffy Towel Various Dog Treats.

Firstly lure dog into shower room with a couple of the dog treats. You will get some filthy looks on closing door as dog is not entirely stupid and knows what’s coming next. Divert attention and filthy look with another dog snack. Set water temperature lower than human temp, it will be to hot otherwise. Wet down dog.

Be prepared to be unpopular. Proceed to shampoo, lather, rinse conditioner and repeat rinse. (clean out shower drain as it will be full of dog hair!). Use dog towel and dry off dog. This generally always is welcome as its a big huge rub feast.

Once dog is loose in house again prepare tv remote control, something nice to drink. Sit on sofa with big fluffly towel over lap. Lure dog with extra doggy treats – trust me this will be so easy. Once dog is on lap engulf in fluffy towels and wrap up dog. Kick back on sofa and enjoy a nice hour of nothing TV with dog on top in towels.

Steam for at least two hours. You will know the dog is done when it decides to squirm out of the fluffy towel, timing will depend on level of doggy dryness and length of time you are in the kitchen. Finish off with a little grooming session and some nice Tea Tree grooming space. Serve.

New Summer Look May 18

On Friday Tonto went off to Doggy Day care on Friday and from all accounts had a great time.  He gets a full A on his report card for playing well with other dogs and he practically didn’t want to come home!!

I have some pictures the Dog Inc people took of him to show me how well he enjoyed himself.  It was a great success and he will be off again soon.  He also got a full shampoo and trim and is loving the coolness of it all.  He was finding it a little hot with all that fur before. 

We recently went for a long walk to Rinshinomori Park which is about 30 mins from the apartment, has lots of old tree’s, trails amongst them, and best of all doggy friendly.  There are a number of pics from the day here

Here is one on the handsome chap with his new hair.

Hello Tonto May 12

Just realised he has not been mentioned so far, and umm the website is now renamed after him.  So some details

After many months of thinking about this I decided that a pet would be a good idea.  My apartment does not allow cats (who knows why, but this is japan).

I thought about it for a while and came the idea that hey i love both cats and dogs so lets look at dogs.  I found an agency here in Japan that rescues both cats and dogs. 

After going over my list of dogs i had seen online and having them tell me each was unsuitable, I asked who they would recommend. On the top of their list was a little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Black and Tan). 

To be honest his online photo, not the best. But I thought about it and said yes (acutally site unseen as he was in middle of japan over 500kms away.  After some discussion with ARK Japan over his age and future care they decided that it would be better he live his life out in loving home rather than the ARK facility. 

He arrived 1st may, and has basically taken over my life, in so many good ways.  He is the sweetest little dog and very affectionate. I can’t move around the house without a little dog checking out what is going on.

He needs to have at least two walks a day for umm doggy do do things, and really prefers more time out, but will wait.

He also loves the big walks we do now, that take about 3 –4 hours and wears out a little dog quite completely. 

He hates me going to work and gives me filthy looks, but then I’m all forgiven when I come home and have a little pal telling me how happy he is I am home and when are we going for a walk so I can smell out the area!

To me Tonto is a amazing, I’ve fallen in love with my little dog completely.  My cleaning robots are on the dury about that, but seem to be coping with the dog hair!!

My Shadow May 12

Tonto – he would be the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that came to live with me – is everywhere i am

No more little quiet times in the kitchen or bathroom.  He is there.  He even sits outside the shower room.

Oh who is Tonto. Well he is a rescue dog that I spent about 4 months and a mountain of paperwork to have come live with me.

He arrived on the 1st of May after a flight from Osaka to Tokyo and then arrived with me. Well he seems to have settled in, or rather I have settled to him living in.

More later on this.

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