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Hello – footsteps is moving Apr 27

After 10 years of owning the domain I am providing it to someone else.  About a month ago they approached me asking if I would sell/transfer the domain to them.  The email was very pleasant and I replied that I would only consider transfering the domain name to a really good cause as I’m rather attached to the name.  

Well, the organisations  replied back with a really great cause.  They wanted the domain name as they the work they do is educating children in NZ and who am I to stand in the way of such a great cause.   After they asked me I checked the site and they even use they same logo I had.  There goal is to provide early learning discovery and learning services, and work in early childhood education. 

I placed very stong conditions to them on reasons I might just let footsteps transfer and I’m delighted to say they didnt just meet those conditions they exceeeded them. 

Footsteps under my control will change soon, and the domain will be transferred.  My site now works (almost and for the main stuff) as

For me its actually an nice change.  I have loved  and its been with me for all my travels around the world, but now its time for changes and ths one works well for me.  Going forward please change your browser to  my email address will work on the old address and well as the new one, its still david@tonto  (fill in the rest).

Please bear with me on the change over.  I was for a very good cause.

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