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Fair Sailing my dear friend: Ted Chappell. Apr 01

Its is with totally mixed feelings I say goodbye to a wonderful friend.  Its never easy having someone leave you and my heart goes out to his wife and family.  There is also a release as well as the last month has not been easy for him and family as the process of dying took far longer than the docters gave him.  I guess that would also be a tribute to his spirit of never giving up.  I had the deeply privileged honour of being able to talk to him almost daily via email.  Given that I live in Japan and he was in New Zealand and going through so much every email was a treasure to keep.

 Ted also had a wonderful website which contained photo’s of the things he loved. You can find his site at the address below.

Ted Chappel Website

 I’m also so wonderfully touched that at album he has is from the Western Coromandel.  Ted was not only my friend, but also of my families.  I grew up with his voice on the end of coast guard radio!  And the voice of calm during some interesting rescue’s. It wasn’t until many years later through odd circumstances which I’ve covered before that I meet him finally via his wife.  Its one of the most amazing things about New Zealand, the connections between us all or only a few firends away!  He and Lynn ended up spending alot of time in the western Coromandel with my family after I left to travel and it is his departure is a big gap for alll of us.

Ted, we will you

May you find, wind in your sails, good following sea’s, and fantatic fishing.


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