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Ubuntu Undressed. Mar 08

So my new project and blogging interest is going to be the switch of my Vista PC to Ubuntu and the issues/solutions I come up with.

Boring, well bear in mind that I’ve worked with Windows since version 2.1, yes that far back.  I won’t say I love it, and many times it drives me freaking nuts, but I do know it. and also all the little things that make it work better/easier.

My needs are modest and I think the same as most people so lets see if an IT Engineer can do this, cos if I can’t there is little hope of Joe Daily doing it.  (and while I don’t officically have an IT title I’ve been at the front end of desktops, servers, mid-range and enterprise wide systems for almost my entire working career.  (just to set the stage).

So read along, i’ll try and make sure I document all the frustrations and lessons etc.

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