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Archive for March, 2009

Burn Notice – And you thought Miami was hot! Mar 25

Lucky for us, its coming back in June for season three.

What I learned about Linux today. Mar 23

Well firstly that I’m totally stupid and that just because a program is in the directory you are looking at doesn’t actually mean that typing the name of the program is going to make it run.

Apparently you have to do ./programname.  I’ll dig the entry that I found on this and share.  I’m thinking a new sub blog might be coming up.  I think I might call it ‘Linux for Beagles’ or something!  I am winning with this linux thing thou.

Blasting the Neighbours Mar 09

Or would be if I could get the sound to work.  I had this problem with Ubuntu a previous try.  The sound card is integrated into the ABIT AN8 SLI motherboard which is no big issue for me as it bypasses everything via SPDIF directly to the Logitech DTS/THX 5.1 decoder etc.

Theory being have a good amp and bypass the sound card.  Worked well in XP, passingly in Vista, and dodo dead in Ubuntu.  Now when then first came up I also tried Suse and had pure sound raining down upon me, so what the frak was Ubuntu up to.

Well it seems since then not a lot!  And the resources on sound in Linux are appalling thin on the ground.  This document gave me some good starting points and I’ll tell you how I did it in the next post.

Ubuntu Undressed. Mar 08

So my new project and blogging interest is going to be the switch of my Vista PC to Ubuntu and the issues/solutions I come up with.

Boring, well bear in mind that I’ve worked with Windows since version 2.1, yes that far back.  I won’t say I love it, and many times it drives me freaking nuts, but I do know it. and also all the little things that make it work better/easier.

My needs are modest and I think the same as most people so lets see if an IT Engineer can do this, cos if I can’t there is little hope of Joe Daily doing it.  (and while I don’t officically have an IT title I’ve been at the front end of desktops, servers, mid-range and enterprise wide systems for almost my entire working career.  (just to set the stage).

So read along, i’ll try and make sure I document all the frustrations and lessons etc.

Bye Bye Vista Mar 05

Maybe it was having the big brother version of Gastric bug that’s going around Tokyo, cos I’m totally sick of Vista crashing on me and acting all bloated when it shouldn’t be.  (which was exactly how I was feeling as well).

My install of Vista is not heavily loaded and not asked to do a lot yet it seems to feel it needs 5 mins to start up and still crash. So I did some serious thinking and research.

Going Open Source Mar 05

A few weekends ago my laptop decided to not start up.  As I use it daily this was rather highly annoying and only made slightly less so by the fact that it chose Friday morning to do it and I had the weekend to put it back together again.

A Glimpse into the Future Mar 04

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Microsoft. Having worked on Microsoft products for over 18 years I know my way around them and the knowledge of them provides me with a fairly good living.

The hate bit is that some of the products are just crap.  Vista being one of my current hates with Office 2007 not all that far behind, oh and the only reason I have IE7 is for Sharepoint (which is a cool product).

But Microsoft do cool things, and this set of video’s I found by accident demonstrate that.


And the full 5 minute one can be found here

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