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Catching Up. Feb 05

I was trying to find a slick title for this entry, but my mind is not really in full processing everything at the moment.  Call it brain overload!  I think after almost three weeks of holidays (we had public holidays here before I left for Antigua) my brain hasn’t quite switched on fully yet.

Then again will all the information I process on a daily basis its not really all that surprising.  These days I need a good 10 seconds to switch between subjects.  In geek terms page out all the information I’m currently working with, then load in the new problem someone whats me to look at.  Unfortunately they haven’t figured out how to upgrade brains yet!  Cos I certainly need brain 2.0

Its been a very up and down week with news from home about family and friends not being all 100% and then re-connecting with old friends from New Zealand and my travels all within days.  It been great to catch up with these old friends and I now have a number of emails I need to write, along with a tonne of work ones as I’ve not been working at night since I came back.

Well, better to be busy that wondering what next I should be doing.

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