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40 Done! With friends in Antigua Feb 08

I’ve finally done it and organised all the pictures from my 40th Birthday in Antigua.  The location has moved from before as I’m trying to use a system for my photo’s as I add them to the site.

You can find all the pic’s with comments in the gallery here.

To my dear friends who were there thank you so much for a wonderful holiday. It was my best significant birthday ever!

That may sound strange, but having a birthday just after christmas is awfully boring as every is just over christmas mode and in NZ on holiday at the same time.  My 21’st was very nice with alot of family and friends around, but not quite me.  My 30th the next big holiday was spent in a flat in London with the flu and everyone out of the house on holiday somewhere (and a breakdown in the heating, which if you have ever lived in London, is quite and issue in London).  I was still very happy as I’d started my travels.

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