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Archive for February, 2009

Review: Jennings House, Hodges Bay, Antigua Feb 10

Below the fold is a review I just wrote on the Villa we stayed at in Antigua.  

You can goto the booking site here.

40 Done! With friends in Antigua Feb 08

I’ve finally done it and organised all the pictures from my 40th Birthday in Antigua.  The location has moved from before as I’m trying to use a system for my photo’s as I add them to the site.

You can find all the pic’s with comments in the gallery here.

To my dear friends who were there thank you so much for a wonderful holiday. It was my best significant birthday ever!

That may sound strange, but having a birthday just after christmas is awfully boring as every is just over christmas mode and in NZ on holiday at the same time.  My 21’st was very nice with alot of family and friends around, but not quite me.  My 30th the next big holiday was spent in a flat in London with the flu and everyone out of the house on holiday somewhere (and a breakdown in the heating, which if you have ever lived in London, is quite and issue in London).  I was still very happy as I’d started my travels.

more after the fold.

Catching Up. Feb 05

I was trying to find a slick title for this entry, but my mind is not really in full processing everything at the moment.  Call it brain overload!  I think after almost three weeks of holidays (we had public holidays here before I left for Antigua) my brain hasn’t quite switched on fully yet.

Then again will all the information I process on a daily basis its not really all that surprising.  These days I need a good 10 seconds to switch between subjects.  In geek terms page out all the information I’m currently working with, then load in the new problem someone whats me to look at.  Unfortunately they haven’t figured out how to upgrade brains yet!  Cos I certainly need brain 2.0

Its been a very up and down week with news from home about family and friends not being all 100% and then re-connecting with old friends from New Zealand and my travels all within days.  It been great to catch up with these old friends and I now have a number of emails I need to write, along with a tonne of work ones as I’ve not been working at night since I came back.

Well, better to be busy that wondering what next I should be doing.

Grab some reality. Feb 02

Today has been a really odd day for me.  This morning I was trying to form an entry to say that my friend from a previous entry is doing really well, and when I got home tonight I had an email telling me an old school friend had been caught up in a porn scandel in New Zealand.

I’ll leave the entry on the recovering friend for few days as he is doing well, and concentrate my focus here on what is happening to my old school friend.

The major article is in the New Zealand media at the moment.  The main article is here.  It lists all the names, Garth Stirrat and Steve Parnell (They are publically listed so I’m not revealing anything here.

I’m actually really rather appalled at what is going on here.  I haven’t seen Garth since we parted as friends over 20 years ago, but I still keep some track of what they are doing.  He has been the head of the NZPGA for a number of years and to all apparent records served them very well during that time.

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