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Ted Chappell Jan 28

Today I got news from New Zealand that one of my families dear friends has enter the final few days of his life.  He is still in great spirits and sending out group emails to everyone on how he is.  He has not been well for a long time now yet his spirit pervades us all.  Before I loose the plot completely here is a link to some of his wonderful photos.

Ted Chappell a photo tribute.

more below the fold.

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  1. Yes I have also heard from Ted be email this week too, he is such a great mate to us all & often spoke fondly of his mate on Waima. Our time on this earth is limited for us all & I only hope when its my time that I can make such a positive impression on everyone too as Ted did & does. I can’t believe its his time even though we have all seen the signs for awhile I honestly thought he would hang in there for a lot longer yet. He’ll never be forgotten & I hope & prey that he proves the Doctors wrong so we can talk more about sailing & the sea in the future.

    Ray (Auxilairy Vessel – Chagal)

  2. 2
    Andrew Hooper 

    I have only known ted for a short time compared to some. We met as a result of me bulding a pilot broadband network in Laingholm and Parau and over the years his words and support kept me going even at times when things were getting a little rough.

    I will truely miss him but will never forget.

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