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Archive for January, 2009

Ted Chappell Jan 28

Today I got news from New Zealand that one of my families dear friends has enter the final few days of his life.  He is still in great spirits and sending out group emails to everyone on how he is.  He has not been well for a long time now yet his spirit pervades us all.  Before I loose the plot completely here is a link to some of his wonderful photos.

Ted Chappell a photo tribute.

more below the fold.

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Antigua – The way to turn 40! Jan 20

Back now from two glorious weeks on the Caribbean Island of Antigua!  Took a bit of effort to get there from Japan, but was totally worth it!  Had the most fantastic time there and was so good to catch up with the friends who came.  We had the best time and it was a truely a fantastic way to celebrate a big birthday.

Pictures are coming shortly.

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