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Kyoto Big Five, and then what to see. Dec 01

I thought I would spend a few minutes on what I consider the big five on Kyoto.  Let me list them first then comment.   So in no particular order.

Kyomizudera – A truely spectacular temple on the hillside to visit, and the view is amazing. 

Ginkakuji – The Silver Pogoda – Of the big five my personal fav as the gardens (particularly the hillside views are amazing)

Kinkakugi – The Golden Pogada – One of my most over-rated scoring places.  Try and get there well before the crowds.  It is good, but so so so exploited.

Ryoanji – The Zen Garden – I do like Ryoanji, but its also part of the tourist route and most don’t seem to get the concept that you are suppposed to stop talking at this place and respect the silence of it all.  The concept of this garden is quiet contemplation, not tour buses of people taking picutures and chatting away.  It loses alot because of this.

Maruyama Park – Shared Nomination.  This one covers the general area actually as Mauryama park is entered via Yakasaka shine and during Spring and Sakura is a total mess.  To be fair here there are alot of areas around here that are not quite so touristed depending on the time of year.

Arashiayama – Shared Nomination. Part of the big five depending on the time of the year.  Included because in spring its a not there, but in Autumn its huge.  Everyone goes there.

I’ve not include Nazen-ji or the philsohpers walk here as they are very popular, but tend to less seen by the tour bus groups and are also two of my most favouristes.

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