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Do you still have a Job? Dec 08

Well for the moment. It was thought that working for an investment bank was easy money, and yeah for sure alot it was.  I look I won’t deny that probably our totaly packages have been very good.  But not all of us who work in the industry pull down the huge salaries you see in the media.  Most of us are the back office people who enable it all. And guess what, who are these cuts hurting.  Not the ones who made the money.  They are gone.

Whats left are the ones who worked behind it all and thats who is being laid off around the world now.  Not the ones who made huge killings on the market, just the ones who goes back to the kids and wonder about the mortage.

I’m lucky, in this round of cuts I still have a job, am I sure I still will have one.  No.  As the markets keep going down the componies keep cutting.  That means more people out of work and not spending.  And guess where that is now hurting?  Take a look at the auto bail out going on in the US and you are no far off.  Its moving down now.

Want to know what really pisses me off is that all the people who caused this whole issue, many of whom made alot of money are now out of it and just watching it all goto crap.  Call it the free market maybe?  But legistlature allowed this to happen, why because those whom made the money had interests to allow it too.

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