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Alzheimers Dec 18

Say nothing, live on!

Such easy words to type and say.  But you know what they aren’t.  It is singularly the most devastating disease to live with. Actually I sorta got that wrong. It’s singuarly the most devastating disease to live with and soul destroying to those who have to live with it.

Why because I know, and I really really wish I didn’t.  I’m going to say something many people will find terrible but it was actually easier to watch my grandfather die of cancer than to see my grandmother did from old age with Alzheimers.  And yes I know cancer up close and very way to personal. (I walk around with one testicle and my mum walks around with survivor breat tatoo’s, so umm we have an few thoughts)

Even after all this I still hate with a deep passion Alzheimers.

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