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Bail out bonuses Nov 13

There is alot going around the media at the moment that the banks who received the bailout money are using it to pay bonuses. Well that really hit home to me today listening to it.

I cant’ abviously say which where I work, but yes it is one the top banks that was called into and basically told to take the money to loosen up credit.

What the media is not saying is that well before the bailout funds were available we were advised that the bonuses had be accrued over the last year and were stable dependant on the final quarter results.

So yes hopefully we will get good bonues in early next year, but we also know it not likely to be the same after that. 

But hey wait, before you say rich bankers, hold on.  None of us have hugh salaries. Nothing like the players of the market.

We are made up of everday people who go into work and come home, feed the family, pay mortages etc. Nearly everyone thinks you work in a bank then you are loaded.  Well no we are not.  95% of us are just everyday ‘joe the bank worker’. 

Sure there are some who a making a killing out of this crisis. To them I  just say, karma.

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