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Moose Hunting Oct 26

One thing I have found of interest in the US electorial campagne is the Redneck vs urbain culture.  To me its a total non starter.  Why, well where was I raised part of our food came directly from raising animals that would either be destined for your plastic wrapped supermarket food, or in our own freezers.

This means that the beef, lamb and occasionally chicken or turkey was raised on our own land and was turned into Sunday night (and every other nights) dinner.  The process of turning a cow into steak is not actually a pleasant process.  Your pork tenderloin doesn’t just turn up in a sterile plastic wrapped package we all know from the supermarket

It was actually a pig or a cow that used to live on a farm.  I know as I lived, and sorta still do live on one.  I’ll put the rest below the fold so you can surf away happy with your supermarket package meat.

(oh the point of this blog is at the end)

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