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So what next? Oct 28

The world now is so different now.  A few months ago we all thought we were safe.  The markets were good and we invested into all those wonderful high return funds.  Well I know for myself they have all gone crap.  I haven’t yet had the check on all the money I invested as I’m way to scared to check.  My 22% returnds at the beginning of the year are now probably showing I’ve lost money.

About a year ago I was investing in a number of funds in NZ and then decided that I had put enough into them so just started putting the money into the Bank of New Zealand on the best fixed term rates available (about 8%).  I had no idea that this was going to turn out to be the best place to put the money.  Two years later I’m actually getting a better return on my money from the funds.  After all the admin and investment feeds they are no worth less than I put in.  I’m not pullling out as the market will turn around and will (hopefully) make me money somewhere along the line.

I did pick top notch funds with good companies and so far so good, (well down now, but its a long term thing, so it should go up).  Whom I feel for now is those who need to start pulling out there money based on investments they have made.  We are looking at the baby boomer generation who have lost huge amounts of capital.

Moose Hunting Oct 26

One thing I have found of interest in the US electorial campagne is the Redneck vs urbain culture.  To me its a total non starter.  Why, well where was I raised part of our food came directly from raising animals that would either be destined for your plastic wrapped supermarket food, or in our own freezers.

This means that the beef, lamb and occasionally chicken or turkey was raised on our own land and was turned into Sunday night (and every other nights) dinner.  The process of turning a cow into steak is not actually a pleasant process.  Your pork tenderloin doesn’t just turn up in a sterile plastic wrapped package we all know from the supermarket

It was actually a pig or a cow that used to live on a farm.  I know as I lived, and sorta still do live on one.  I’ll put the rest below the fold so you can surf away happy with your supermarket package meat.

(oh the point of this blog is at the end)

Long time no write. Oct 26

Wow, I just realised how long it has been since I wrote something on the blog.  The last few entries have been about the american elections which I must admit are huge entertainment value (all be it a little scary).  Actually most of the last few weeks have been about following whats going on.  I’m rather addicted to the ‘Daily Show’ and the ‘Colbert Report’.  If you have a good internet connection you can watch directly from the site.

I do find it interesting that most of the fun is poked at the republican party and there are no shows which can poke fun at the Democrates.  I guess its because McRage and Caribou Barbie are giving so much material for entertainment!

MS Access Reports and Dynamic Report Headers via VBA Oct 09

Part Two of this entry is here and includes the code from production that works daily for us.  (I only got half the solution with the below)

I have been spending the last few hours trying to figure out how I can take a single report, then update the header information (and the underlying query) as I have a number of reports that have the same layout and information, but just need to have a different heading, and query.

I could have just created a duplicate report with different heading and query, but as I’m still working out the layout of the report I don’t want to have to redo each report.

You think this would have been easy, but nope.  I spent hours looking over material from the internet and just couldn’t figure it out.  I tried global variables, but that didn’t work.  A function to update the titles was a way around it, but also not nice. There had to be a better way.

I ran into problems because you by default you cannot access a reports object unless is been opened.  Then you can access the controls on the report and update them, but you I couldn’t figure out how to refresh the print preview.

Then I stumbled onto something that works perfectly (well at least in the test model I did in 2003 and it will hopefull work in 2007).

What you need to do is open the report in designer.  The look at the report properties and goto the ‘Build Event’ option.  This will transfer the report into an class and let you edit in VBA various values of it.  You don’t actually have add any code!

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SNL Vice Presidential Debate Oct 05

Its out already,  here’s a link to the Saturday Night Live. With Tina Fay as Sarah Palin.

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