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Something Screaming Sep 26

For many months now I have felt something screaming at me from the back of my mind.  I wasn’t sure what it was, and the cancer drugs didn’t help, but the event did give my some clarity.  Now I can start to put the two together.  Actually I needed a third thing.  Watching Antony Bordain go through New Zealand and show the part of it to the world I finally started to finally hear that voice.

His bit about good food and communities really got me, and then I got it.  Home! I come from a community of people in a very small valley, but we all left!  The children of all the families have grown up and left, whats left in the community.  Its still going but how long can it last.  I’m not saying stay the same last as no community can stay static it must evolve and change, must as the closet town has done.  What is needed thou is young people to move in an invigorate it.  I know now what that voice in the back of my head is saying.  "Go Home, go home, go home".

For someone who has lived all over the world and crossed it more times than I care to count thats an odd calling, but now it suddently rings true.  I’ve never counted anywhere else as my real home.  I always refer to Papa Aroha as my home, and really it is the only home I’ve ever known.  I think its about time I started listening to that voice and go back.  After all thats happened and simpler life is not looking all the bad!  Maybe its also time as well.

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