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Sarah Palin’s To-Do List Sep 28

   1. Learn about al-Qaida.
   2. Learn about Washington, D.C.
   3. Order Bristol’s dress (Elastic waist!!! Is white inappropriate after six months?)
   4. Fire brother-in-law.
   5. Learn about Russia/Georgia/S. Ossetia (Locate Abkhazia???)
   6. Nurse Baby Trig.
   7. Order flowers for wedding.
   8. Fire people who haven’t fired brother-in-law.
   9. Learn about ethics rules.
  10. Fire at brother-in-law? (Option: aerial shooting?)
  11. Nurse Baby Trig.
  12. Learn about Iran.
  13. Learn about U.S. Senate.
  14. Learn about contraception. (Too late???)
  15. Investigate homes for foundlings?
  16. Govern Alaska.
  17. Life insurance on J.M.?

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