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On Food Sep 25

Today a load of us went out for lunch today at one of the local Indian restaruants that many of the team love (and frequent so often they could organise a table to 10).  A close friend asked me while we were waiting when did I first try Indian food.  I was rather stumped at that.

The easy answer was in my travels and in the UK, but that leaves a huge gap.  I think going way back it was never a cuisine I wasn’t away of.  I remember my mum cooking them when I was a child.  For sure they were not the authentic and relied on available curry powder, which given NZ 30 years ago was probably an oddity on the shelf then!  But eat and enjoy them we did.  Mum also had a wok so Chinese etc was on the menu as well.

Thinking back I’m so pleased that I didn’t have a restrictive food exposure when I was young, mainly due to my mum coming from another country and even today no cuisene is off the menu.  I’ll confess some of the middle european foods leave me a little cold overall (aka German, Austrian) but there are also some true gems there as well.

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