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Click Click Flash Sep 27

Back on track now.  The other day i watch Sex in the City Movie. To me it was great. I had seen most the episodes upto last season and when I was last in the UK with one my great friends I discovered I was not quite as upto date as I thought, so after a wonderful sofa day I was!

I guess if you never followed the series you would be in two minds of follow it or follow an know the ending.  To me it was fairly predictable what happened.  But what really pulled it up a few notchs to just predictable was the actessees. They really put it all into.  The scene of Bridget telling Big "No" is so well done and powerful it pulls the whole act off. Before then it was rather predicable, and the emtions well, they were pulling them all in as predicable. But that particular display of emotion grabbed!

Well done, it was a great movie to us who know the story, it completed the story almost!  We all know that Samatha didn’t want to be part of the story, and sorry that bit did show, but over all, it was great.

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