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New Zealand Coast Guard Aug 02

They tried very hard to keep it secret, but things happen and he
found out.  It would have helped if Dad wasn’t quite so determined to
be where he wants to be, rather than were we ask him to be.  Kerry and
Andrew tried really had to have him attend the Northen Region Coast
Guard meeting, but well Dad is Dad and wanted to be somewhere else.

then they tried to keep it quiet, but that didn’t work either.  He was
supposed to be at that meeting for the presentation of an award.  But
you know what in many ways, it was better that he did now (after
reading the minutes of the meeting) that he was officially presented
with the award at his birthday.

Many members of Coast Guard past
and present were there and his 70th birthday and as mentioned that was
best as the ones who where there are the ones he respects and they were
there as friends along with the family.  So what was it all about. 
Well the award is given very rarely and only to the most deserving of

My father was given Life Time Membership to coastguard
for services rendered.  It might now sound very much, but as mentioned
this is not an award the dish out at the end of each year.  The last
one was given many years ago. 

Both my mother and father have
served in coast guard for 20 years + and have been recognised for
such.  What is now recognised is the work they and the community who
help them on the boat, have done to save lives on the eastern side of
the Hauraki Gulf. 

I have served with them as part of my life
and are so pleased to know that now all that time and effort Dad has
done is recognised.  Not that he would want it to be.  But then, thats
just him.  And I never want him to change.

Oh my speech for that occasion after all the excellant ones.  "Dessert is served".


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