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I wonder why they wanted me to come home! Aug 02

Today has been all about the 70th birthday for Dad.  This time no
surprise party as the last one we pulled for him, he ended up out on in
the boat catching crayfish and snapper (like the snapper were jumping
into the boat – I know I was there trying to convice him along with my
brother that perhaps he should go home!).

It was great to be back home for it and I’m so glad that I had the time available to do it.  However

didn’t quite realise that my invitation was based on something else
other than being um family.  I guess over the years my mum learnt a few
tricks from my dad and I ended up helping her do the catering! By the
way, my mother is amazing a cooking for 2 to 30 people without
thinking!  But this time for 100 I suspect she pulled in some extra

I only figured this out when trying to turn a huge pot of
potatoes into smashed warm potatoe salid and wondering where everyone
was when I needed help draining those puppies and trying to turn 8kilos
of potatoes into a salid!

I got in trouble with the Chicken
Salad thou.  Not totally my fault I asked people to help me schred 10
chickens into something.  Apparently however my dressing didn’t quite
cut it with mum.  Others seemed to think it was amazing.  It was so

Lemon Juice, Mint and plum sauce.  I was going for a
whole middle eastern feel to it.  Taste wish it was fantastic and there
was very little left, but I will concede visually that given the way
the chicken was it did look alittle odd. 

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