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Worming Away Jul 27

Its now been about a month or more since I got my worm farm, and they are doing amazingly well and just so easy to look after.  I’m not entirely sure how they are doing with the heat at the moment, but they do live in the shade and while the mold seems to be growing like crazy the worms still seem to be keeping on top of everything.  The only biological stuff I put into the Waste system is onion skins and chillie bits.  I am fairly sure that if I froze them to break down the cell stucture and then added them it would be fine.

Actually from observation when the worms first arrived I had alot of food scraps so froze them so as not overload the little guys.  When I did add the frozen stuff it went within a week. I guess the freezing and breaking of the cell structure made it easy for them to consume.

I totally love that all my kitchen waste is now not going into the system, and the wormery is so discreet and easy to use.  It really looks good as well, so why aren’t more people using it! 

If just a third of the people who lived in cities used a worm farm to digest there kitchen waste the savings would be amazing!.  Local councils could encourage this by giving discounts to those who do have wormeries!  Then again, now do you check that.  I can see worm farm investigators on the horizon!

go figure our crazy world now.

My worm from is from Can-o-worms, or can of worms and was purchased here in Tokyo.

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