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Whoops not so cool result Jul 02

Its now about 18 months since I was diagnosed with cancer and I’ve done the surgury thing and the chemo to get rid of it.  The climb back to life after here in Tokyo was something I really don’t care to repeat and without reading all the blogs entries before not entirely sure I’ve totally revealed just how hard that was getting back to a normal life.

I can say now after the full memories of surgury and chemo are over the worst bit about it all now is the bloody constant testing!  You just can’t forget!  I’ve been on a schedule of approx monthly testing, even with the chemo.  I guess I should really shut up and be grateful that the health care system here is so good.  But wow, its a pain.

I was really naughty and didn’t see them for 4 months as I just hated the whole, prepare to goto hospital have the test and then wait a week to go back again for the results.  You know what, you see everything that feels wrong as a possible spread of cancer.

They let me off with about a 45 day period. um like thats big.  Now my last blood test results are not quite that good.  The CAT scans are fine, so great news there, but the blood tumer results are still higher than they should be.  So guess what, wait until the next test and CAT scan. AGAIN.

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