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Playing with Jet Engines Jul 16

When I was young I found a book on our bookshelf called ‘Jet’ by Sir Frank ThomasWhittle.  I’ve just looked and its well out of print now.  Ironically I never read it.  When I return home I’ll look at the downstairs bookshelf to see if we still have it

So why am I pondering on this subject.  Well a really simple reason, my surname is Whittle, and despite efforts from my family to find where it goes back to we run into a block as 100 years ago being illigimate or a barstard was a huge same, and there seems to have been some creative book work at the time to resolve the matter.  I know the name Thomas is an important name in our family, but why?

We may never now, but to this day I don’t just take a seat on an airplance and wait for the peanuts.  No, I wait for those huge jet engines to wind themselves up to full speed.  If you ever listen you can sit on a plane that is rolling forward on to the strip, positions itself and then they just open the throttle all the way open and let those engines do what they can!

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