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My Munching Worms Jul 07

I’ve now had my can of worms for about a month now, and its just totally amazing.  They are sorta just keeping up with my food scraps and it helps I’m not always here.  This week I pulled out a bag of scraps I had frozen for them and oddly freezing it seems to help.  I guess it breaks down the cell walls so makes it easier to digest. 

Last week a put the left overs from a juice session and thats completely gone.  What really is cool is that in the first week I put in the cob from some corn, and it basically all gone!  The only food scraps that now go into the waste cycle are garlic, chille and onion bits.  I think if i put them into the freezer they could probably go into the unit as well.

The level is also dropping so I they are eating away at the bedding they had as well, in a few weeks I suspect it will be feed them as much as possible. I’m also working on getting rid of all the gluten products stored up and what a great way to do it.  Turn what I can’t eat into soil and worm water to feed my other food plants.  This is so cool!

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