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I really built something! Jul 21

For someone who works in IT you never really seen any of your projects turn into something that anyone can look at and go ‘wow thats great!’.  All I generally do is take other people huge piles of crap and make sense of it all.  I guess thats why they keep me.  Not always polictically correct, but results well, well like them!

For me the last year has been really amazing as instead of building software solutions I got to actually be a part of building a house.  That was really different and pulled in all my native skills into something that can be seen.  Managing the building a full kitchen in a different langauge has really made me think about what I learnt at home.

I really did take a blank room and build an IKEA kitchen from it, with all the work done by the wonderful bulders the project had.  I even learnt how to install a Japanese dishwasher with Japanese instructions.  It was so different and so much hard work. 

If you are linking to the building blog you will know I’m just a little part of this building.  But for me seeing that Kitchen become an empty space into one of the most wonderful Kitchens I have cooked in you will maybe understand my passion for this project.

Now however its really time for me to say goodbye to it.  I helped build it and love being there and using it, and oh the bathroom is amazing.  They wondered why we so insisted on certain things and now it so works.

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