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Elephants in South East Asia Jul 11

I’m wathing now a documentary about elephants in Thailand and its really making me think.  In 1999 I did was on a tour that included and elephant ride.  Now I look back was I doing a good thing or a bad thing.  My trip was way up in the coutry side where they live next the a river and can bath in the water daily and from what I saw they were looked after well.  But now, I’m really upset.  Did i support and industry that just useses these wondeful animals, or did I help.  After 10 years I don’t know. it seemed like a great thing to do and from what I saw it was not bad for them.  But now after seeing this, I think I just contributed to the explotation of animals.


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  1. Dont worry, you did the right thing. Elephants are used in Thailand, like horses, etc in the west. People need to earn a living to feed and look after their elephants and families. If the elephant was in good condition they are being taken care of. The people who criticize the exploitation of elephants dont get up everyday and make sure they are fed and taken care of. Just because elephants are working does not mean they are exploited. If they are not earning an income who will pay to care for them, certainly not the people making the documentary.

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