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Worm Farming Jun 28

The worms have been in place a couple of weeks now and seem very settled! They are not quite chowing through all the organic matter I produce, which is rather a scary thought of just how much we do produce/throw away and here it all gets incinerated.

As I’m generally away on the weekends it does give them some time to catch up and I’ve been rather bad with the heat and eat, nothing crap, but not much for worms.

I’ve been using the worm water to feed the baby tomatoe plant I got a few weeks ago and its going balistic! I’ve had to redirect it across the blacony now and I suspect with its planted cutting on the other side I’ll have a deck of tomatoe plants. Yummy.

Whats cool is that after its finishes fruiting etc it will be ripped out on join me on a trip down to the beach and turn into soil for the garden. Thats the one drawback of the worming thing here is that there is now real clear way to dispose of the worm castings. Maybe some ninja attacks on the pack next door at midnight. Now that could be interesting to explain to the police if caught!

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