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Moving Countries Jun 30

I have been faced the last few months with a challedge I never really expected. (well that and how to produce the perfect soggy British Chip from oven baked ones – another story).

Now back to my issue.  In the last few months I’ve been able to help facilitate the transfer of an old team member from the UK to Australia, and more recently another very old team member as well.  When this whole thing came up i thought it was brillant for all of them.  The chance to come and live downunder, how wonderful.

Now in hindsight I realise how hard this can be.  For me down under is just normal, its obviously a bit different from being away for so long, but its an old glove that slips on fairly easily, okay, minus a couple of fingers fitting perfectly, but you get my drift.

For them coming down it a whole new pice of clothing. I realised this when I thought about the adjustments I had to make living in the UK.  Its not as easy as you think.  After moving to Japan, wow.  I want the very best for my old team. If this all works out then great, but it must be a move they and there families all make.  Its not like moving suberbs!

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