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Can of Worms Jun 11

I’ve just taken delivery of 1000 worms to assist me with my organic waste. Now that may seem odd, but I was so lucky to find a company in Japan that sells the Can of Worms, along with a load of other cool organic products.

Actually there are a lot of places now in Japan that have gone organic and sell via the efficent mail order system here. I found one site a few months ago that sold can of worms, and the site was in English so wow, lets get one. But they didn’t deliver. Now on my whole organic kick and juicing I really wanted to dispose of my organic waste without sendng it out to be burnt so I could just breath it down again.

I searched again for Can of Worms in Japan and found this site

I guess I just got a little better at working out Japanese site since living here so I gave it a crack and ordered one via their Japanese only site. The order went through and then I found out there were closed for a few days (via Japanese langauage email).

I then wrote back in English and told them no probem with the delay in delivery. To my total delight and amazement they wrote back to me in English. Then when they sent what would have been the standard email reply of delivery instructions someone had kindly translated each paragraph into english for me.

I have lived here long enough not to expect that and was just so thrilled that Noah Green did that for me. I was stoked, and really really wanted to make this work. Well it did. My worm farm arrive on Friday night and someone had taken the effort to write on notepaper to me that included were instructions in English and Japanese.

They never needed to do this and I was so happy about this I felt I needed to really make Noah Green something that non japanese speakers should take a closer look at. When I have a bit of time I’ll try and write something about how to work through their website in English.

What really has made me so happy about is that they do care about us who can’t speak Japanese. There was a small issue with my worm delivery, but it was all sorted out and now, well 1000 worms are eating away at my vegetable was. And that has got to be good.!

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