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Visiting Hangzhou May 30

Back from a week away in Hangzhou, China, quite the experience!  I arrive with the team from work on Sunday.  Nice flight on JAL business class.  After check in we went for a walk around the West Lake which is truely very beautiful.

The only thing about Hangzhou that is so very obvious is the air pollution.  I was thinking how wonderful it would be on a clear day to find out today was a clear day!  The murk that hangs in the air is just always there.  Its very sad really as the city itself is really a garden city.  I’ve been to many cities that make that claim, but after spending a week in Hangzhou I think it really does deserve that title, it really does have gardens and greenery everywhere.  The lake is the centre of it all and is quite something.  It took us three hours at a brisk walk to get around it all, and that was a brisk walk in 30+ degree’s so it was also a sweaty walk.  I really wish I had changed into shorts for that.

I have the pics and will process them shortly.  The meals out were amazing and course after course just kept coming.  Odd one of the dishes I really like was the tripe, go figure that one huh.  The one dish I really didn’t like was the west lake fish which tasted will like the lake.  enough said once you see the pics.

The people there were really wonderul and very friendly.  I had a great time meeting my team members and was really inspired by there enthursiam.

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  1. Its been almost 3 weeks since I’ve been on site for the build so unfortunately I don’t have any pic’s to show you.  Due to my work commitments I’ve been away for a while (last week was in HangZhou in China)Have been on the phone to Di thou who is onsite a

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