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The IKEA shopping Spree Apr 17

Well its time (or rather was) for us to hit IKEA and pay for the kitchen, and also do a bit, or lot of shopping to kit out the house. Our plans all worked well and I also figured out the train system enough that we can get to Chiba IKEA with only one train change instead of three and alot of walking!

It was all starting so very well. We go there with loads of time and the lady at the Kitchen area recognised us both (umm not hard I guess) and was her normal usual incredibily helpful self. We finished off all the details of the kitchen, added to more doors for the laundy and got the bathroom basin thrown into the same shipping!.

They gave Di the ikea family card which if you buy one of there Kitchens gives you a big discount on shipping (within the shipping area). Unfortunately the back of beyond is not an area they ship to, and the just slightly closer that the back of beyond didn’t count either. But apparently nothing phases this lady! And in keeping with her incredibily helpful attitude she turned the ‘discounted’ shipping it $1000 dollars worth of points to use in the next three months shopping at IKEA.

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