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Archive for March, 2008

Building in Japan Mar 23

Wow, what an experience this has been. The plans are all coming together now. Well just lost this whole post other than what I posted below from another writing!. Technology not quite working yet huh!

Back and Planning Mar 23

Have arrived back in Japan after two weeks in Austrlia for work. Was brillant down there, learnt huges amounts on my project and had a great time catching up wiht my friends there. Had a weekend in Canberra which was great, and it was so nice to be warm again.

Back now and just spent the weekend with Di working out the details of the build! All the details are on the Shimoda house site.

We have made huge amounts of progess on pinning down the idea’s over the last 8 months and turning them into actualy product. The idea book that Di is maintaining is growing all the time, and its such a huge benefit to the project.  Everything now gets written down and illustrated.  Follow along at the house blog (link at the top)

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