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The house is Moving on. Feb 11

Just back from a very cold weekend at Shimoda.  They were actually talking about having snow down there!  The beach house is not exactly designed for cold weather so it was warm clothes and bedding.  I found a use for the bedding that I ordered from the States and was the wrong size.  It worked perfectly down there as it created a huge warm envelope and was very snug.  Well once in and warmed up.

We spent Saturday at the building store picking up all sorts of supplies. Sunday was spent putting them to good use!  We have cleared all the rubbish from the back of the house and the rear mini garden has been liberated and replanted with ferns from various pots.  Its all looking rather nice there!  After much measuring the spray paint came out and there is now a riot of fluresant colours making out new walls, water, sewage, gas and electrical.  Might not sound like much but it given some foundation as to what the house will become and makes it easier for the builders to now see the idea’s in progress!

The ‘Style Statement’ is underway, or at least started.  The annex is going to be rebuilt in clean modern lines and will ‘float’ alongside the original old house which now that its been totally cleared out and has ‘breathed’ is actually really lovely, and doesn’t need any major work.  The tatami for the two old rooms is ready, but won’t go back in until its all finished.  The bathroom plans are in place, and now the kitchen layout has been pinned down as well.  It also sounds like something that could have been done ages ago, but its just taken time to get it right and in place.  A system kitchen will now be hunted down so its going to have a very modern feel, thats now dictated that the whole annex should have this feel as well. 

Now to make it all happen!  Well Di has to make it all happen, me is just the side kick!

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