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Choosing the wrong coat tails. Feb 06

I’ve been watching something interesting over the last 7 years of working at BlocRoad (I think this is the first I’ve mentioned where I work and yes it is coded, won’t take a geniues to break it). When I started at BlocRoad it was unknown to me that the IT Manager would be blackballed and all who reported to him tarred with the same brush.

Its been an interesting lesson as after this manager left the new manager didn’t just blackball us but sunk us well low as we came from the ‘outrider’ division. One particular manager was very bad, he had attached himself to an up an coming manager who endorsed this blackball approach even thou my team were experts in outrider.

The love is felt when this up and coming manager went up and cAme down, much to his surprise, and little to our own. I mean folks how long can you really bullshit and be a bad manager. Okay far enough I will say Bullshit, be technically good, but still a crap manager. What our little tail coater didn’t know is that he had back the wrong horse and we all know it! Worse during his little rise to way over occuplise power is he single handely managed to piss everyone who worked for him or new him.

Now I admin skill misplaced where ever. And this piece of skill I really must admine Dick Woodman seemed to be able to single handely piss just about everyone who work fo rhime off, a skill that really must be admired only for its completeness.

Now it seems the tide is turning and Dick has no friends to support him, well come on, when you totally overwhelmed with you responsiblities, and umm no who work for you actually to help, oh come on , it is amusing. Okay amusing is hear Dick in conference calls and hearing him spout the same old tired verbage from 4 years ago! you know the stuff that means you haven’t done anything. Apparently his teacher didn’t impart the lesson of how to update you vocabularly to still talk crap in the modern age.

And who say Karma doesn’t exist. latesr

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