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A year in the life. Dec 06

Its been a year today that I was diagnosed with a tumourous lump on my right testicle. The only known confirmed course of treatment is the removed of said lump and testicle. I knew that from the moment they would not let me leave the ultrasound without talking to a doctor.

And what a year it has been. Life has gone up and down with it. I immediatley had to switch to a life of choices, tests, results and more choices. None of these choices were ones you could put off for few days or weeks and hope another better one came along. It was all about having to make a decision then, with course of events taking shape from that choice.

I get so frustrated now with people who will not make a decision and then put them off until they really have to. If I had decided to wait until it was really bad cos I might think another solutioin would come around, well I probably wouldn’t be writing this.

enough said.

Oh, don’t trust kerpserky anti-virus, they are total rubbish.

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