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The Art of Customer Service Nov 15

Having lived in Japan for over two years now and going back to western countries I am left with the a huge respect for the level of customer service provided to the everyday consumer in Japan.  Its not something you get at expensive stores.  It something you get everyday, to the point where sometimes you just take it for granted, until you leave.


During the ‘rush hour’ of 4-8pm at my local supermarket there is an elderly gentleman at the exit. He spends time going it and clearing the shopping carts or baskets that people may have left, the rest of the time he is at the door saying thank you for shopping with us.

At my work building you leave the sky lobby in the lift and make eye contact with the receptionist you will get a bow as the elevator doors close.

On the Shinkansen trains the ticket collectors enter the carraige with bow, and when leaving will turn around and bow back to the carriage.

Whereever you go and whatever you do here you will be presented with this type of service.  It doesn’t cost much to be this polite and in reverse you are polite back, so what cost for social nicesness.

My friend and I often talk about this and contemplate that if we go back to a full customer service role and can afford it I would bring all the staff to Japan just to see how it can be done.  Whenever I chose to leave here it will be a very lasting memory.

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