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Cancer Survivor Nov 15

Two weeks ago I went back to the hospital for another check up.  I’ve been really bad as after the last ‘all clear’ test I jsut didn’t want to go back for the next monthly check up.  It sounds stupid, but hey you go through this and then you may understand how bloody depressing these tests are.  You must always keep in somewhere in your mind that the results will be "you have cancer again"

I say it again, as I’ve already been through it once, and the biggest lurgy monster in all our minds are those words "its back".  For reader who haven’t had cancer, or been really closely associated it I apologise.  I decided when I was back in the UK that I would change my status depending on these tests.

So. I’ve now upgraded my status, I’m no longer a cancer patient.  I am a cancer suvivor. May sound odd but from my perspective thats a huge change.  It means I can put alot of it all behind me and rejoin the ‘world’ again.  It by no means its gone away, or will do for many years yet and the checkups will probably still be as bad, but for everyday life for me its a significant change.

Hope you understand

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