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Cambodia Revisited Photo’s Nov 07

Well, it took some time, and alot of head scratching, but I’ve trimmed the photo’s from Cambodia down from 900 to 288. I wanted to get it down to just 50 really good ones, but after going over them many times now I just couldn’t do it as there was so much to see, and it the pictorial needed to be shown in whole! I have realised I need to spend way more time framing my shot and making sure the horizon is correct!

The photos are all in the Coppermine gallery here. Sorry it took so long to get them up. Then again, I should have posted my Middle eastern photos and they have only just been scanned in. oh scratch that, just realised I deleted them all as I wasn’t happy with them, back to the scanner, and also putting the comments into the Cambodian ones!

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