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London Hits Back!!! Oct 19

Well arrived in good nick, wonderful flight really with loads of spare seats to relax in.  Food was good and service pleasant.  Didn’t get much sleep, but then again it was a day flight so sleeping was not a problem.

Heathrow was well heathrow, so no change there either.  Got to Steve place much earlier than expected, which was good as it meant we had time for a good catch up.  About the only unknown factor was the Malborugh Savingnon Blanc which he had oogles of. 

Its really the first time I’ve drunken wine since the chemo and add onto that an 8 hour time difference it was like being hit in the chest by a very pissed off horse, the wine had such a kick to it.  I was even being good and having water in between drinks to keep the hydration levels up.  So Thursday morning didn’t start very well.

Lucky for me there was only an hour left of Thursday morning so all I had to suffer was Thursday afternoon.  Oddly that didn’t make all that much difference.  2nd stupid thing was that I so missed burger king that it just seems like a great idea to have a Whopper for brunch cos I was so incredibly hungrey, and so still so incredibley allergic to flour products that I didn’t just get to enjoy a 5 hours car ride feeling like crap from too much wine, I also got to enjoy the insessant nausea from eating wheat. 

As I said to Jane, I wasn’t asking for any sympathy as I wasn’t even giving myself any, after all I know I shouldn’t eat wheat and no one forced that rubbish burger into my mouth.  Oh no, I did that all by my little self.  Anyway it all cleared up fairly much by the time we got to Falmouth and it was great to see old friends and met the new ones.  Just managed to keep brain and body working for dinner, but then it was crash time. Batteries dead.

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