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Bring on the Pad Thai Oct 04

Found a great blog today while looking for chilli paste recipes. Chez
Pim. I particularly loved the entry of telling people to stop ‘fu&king around with Pad Thai‘.
Its comment thats been long overdue, I remember from my time in
Thailand eating Pad Thai direct off the street. It was the ultimate
fast food really, and so so tasty. Chefs in the western world seem to
think need to fiddle with it, when really they should just leave it

I found another entry which outlined how to cook Pad
Thai, and lucky for me I had all the right stuff in the house, so
following Pims outline I wipped up a batch, and wow, was it good. Also
the mystery of how to cook it is gone, which while a little sad no
mystery, does mean no problems making more.

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